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Chicks & Chicken Supplies

Goffstown Ace Hardware has order forms for chicks available for delivery March-May. We can place orders year-round, but recommend these months due to weather conditions for shipping and raising.

We do accept special orders for different breeds and species during our order dates and outside our normal order dates.

Order minimums outside normal order dates:

  • 15+ for chickens, ducks, turkeys
  • 20+ for guineas
  • 30+ for quail

We carry everything you need to start and maintain your flock! We have grain, feeders and fountains, shavings, heat lamps and many accessories for your coop and chickens from egg cartons, to hen saddles, nesting box pads, and egg collection bags or baskets. 

Give us a call to inquire about anything poultry related today! (603) 497-2682